After almost two years I opened my twitter account and a little later when I was going through my own profile I noticed that I have a WordPress account too, which was kept unremembered for quite long. And that’s how it is, you tend to get lost in the worldly ways making a living and missing out on life. So I tried to open the account which was almost dormant with a forgotten password that I had to reset.

OK, so here I am, just had some free time after work, mostly keeping free these days after demonetization move by Mr Prime Minister and it’s these days actually when you figure about what actually is going around us in reality. I remember I was in chawri bazar, Tuesday it was and I was enjoying my evening meal at Karim’s when this news became viral. soon, the first thing I did was to check how many 100rs  notes I have. Two, yes 2 hundred rupee notes all I had. cleared my bill got two more the had an argument with the parking staff for change as the news got spread like fire. got four from him making the total count to 10. and it’s Monday tomorrow, 5 days and I still have 4 left with me. One good thing PM did is to teach us how can we even survive in frugality. And it feels good.

But I strongly feel that making moves to curb down black money won’t help. Although a great thought but its practically not possible to eliminate the black money. Black money to me is not an entity its a mindset, a mindset which most of us have in our blood. Yes, this move is cumbersome, yes this move could have been implemented better, yes this move will curb down the black money but if we expect this move to eradicate it from roots, I’m sorry, it’s a distant dream. You can finish the entity but you can’t destroy the mindset.

I hope I’m wrong here and I seriously hope that they have certain moves following this one which changes the mindset of the way people are leading their lifestyles and they start contributing in taxes a lot heavily and honestly so that we can shape a better India together.

Eagerly awaiting the day when we all can afford 100% literacy, free medical facilities, get free from poverty and umemployement.


If you have a gun, you can rob a bank, if you have a bank you can rob everyone

Today i was in a fix wondering where exactly to invest. the amount i have is probably too small too yield the interests what i really want. and the money if invested in some unreliable source is more risk than i can afford.

now let us consider only safe options to launder some money. okay now what do we have, maybe investing in some property can be a good option. There’s a huge slump in property and going to Bhiwadi is a great option in 2014 seeing the current scenario don’t actually sight any significant appreciation in recent time.

now the problem is i actually need a bulk to invest in there considering the amount of capital i have and i don’t think its a good option to loan some amount and bite off more than i can chew. so lets chuck the real estate option, at least for another 3-4 years.

Banks these days are offering new schemes to invest into, demats, mutual funds, shares and some long term plans which will make me a billionaire in 250years, dont get a a shit how they’ll profit me actually, out of all the crap two sane and very popular options left are rd and fd.

fd will turn out to be more beneficial if i actually see the amount of overall interest paid, but rd is a lot safer considering the minimum i can invest for another year. plus tds is also a factor in fd which isn’t s concern in rd i think.

now these banks offer you an interest of 4% an a normal savings account which i guess is neutralized by the bank charges and other unforeseen overheads.

an rd will give me around 9% which is actually 5% more than what i’d get from my savings account. and just in case if i have to break my rd i will be left with no interest.

and what if i take the loan from the same bank to invest in somewhere? They charge me a whooping 14% pa.

That’s actually some interest if you consider a meager 4% from a savings one.

Still going in for rd, maybe which will accumulate some amount so that i can have some capital to start investing in mutual funds.

When Modi got it wrong…




Modi Govt showing total disapproval to the paki-separatist meet in new delhi terming it as an interference in the internal matters.

In an open defiance of an Indian government directive, Pakistan’s high commissioner to India Abdul Basit continued to meet Kashmiri separatist leaders on Tuesday. This prompted India to call off foreign secretary level talks between New Delhi and Islamabad which was to be held on August 25 in the Pakistani capital.
On Monday, ministry of external affairs spokesman Syed Akbaruddin termed the meeting between the Pakistani envoy and the separatists as “an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of India”. He said, “It is felt that no useful purpose will be served by the Foreign Secretary of India Sujatha Singh going to Islamabad next week.”

No matter what level of fight it is, there are only three way outs:

1. War: Now the question arises, is india/pakistan really in a state to fight a war?

countries which are actually finding it tough to fight the elementary issues faced by the developing countries cant be in a state to feed the defense budget by overlooking the development budget.Seeing the example of gaza/iraq i’m sure we all fear the inevitable.

If its not sane to fight, then we are left with two choices.

2.Peace Out: Either of the two countries will have to gift kashmir to the other, which ideally is impossible.

Now when these two options look highly unlikely.

all we are left with is to

3. Walk the talk: i,e diplomacy. something which both the countries have been trying to do since past 50years. To find the solution we must talk it out and get down to brass tacks.

But, by boycotting the third option Modi has steered the ship into the storm.

As dynamic as he looks and as focused as he is, this is something what i didn’t expect of Modi.

Boycotting pak is as juvenile as it sounds.

There are a few questions i want to ask to the current govt.


  1.  If you think separatists have been indulged in anti-national activities before, why don’t get them under trial and put them behind bars? if you feel they are criminals then that’s the place where they should be.
  2. If you think pakis meeting up with the kashmiri separatists is actually a matter of concern then why di you let that happen on your swearing in ceremony? or you were too busy to notice the whereabouts of the meetings?
  3. For the past 24 years all prime ministers — VP Singh, IK Gujral, Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Manmohan Singh — facilitated such meetings … Even now, the person at the helm, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said on record that he will follow in the footsteps of Vajpayee. When (then president Pervez) Musharraf came for the Agra Summit (2001), he held meetings with Kashmiri leaders.
    Does it mean those prime ministers were wrong, that the previous seven were wrong when they facilitated such meetings; and Atal Bihari did this … Does it mean that they were all wrong, and this is ‘Mr Right’?
  4. and if the matter is actually this serious and a risk to internal firewall then why didn’t you raise a bill against such meetings after swearing in ceremony?

Today’s decision decides tomorrow’s position. and such aggressive steps should not be practiced in diplomacy.  maybe that’s where modi got it wrong, in my view that’s one of the first big mistake modi govt has made…



*My views maybe as pixelated as the above pic, but they’re strictly personal.


No matter where you go, an official trip, even to the most adventurous place will be boring if you’re all alone. And that too on a holiday.


Ratlam, the kinda ‘kick’ the name of this city provides got all diluted by 3rd class 3A train travel. And after the work all I was left out to do was watch kick in some cineplex on eid or probably sleepover the restless journey.
I chose the latter over sallu bhai.

Hotel Ujala Palace is just 500mtrs from the railway station( if i had a clue about the distance before, i wouldn’t have paid 70 rs to the autowala). Going places in India confirms one thing that is universal throughout, no matter where you go, autowalas will remain bastards. Sorry. No, not just for the fare but for making me believe that this average lodge-like is the best hotel out here. Call me stupid for believing him.
But a super deluxe room here ensured a reasonable time around. And that was enough to avoid sallu bhai.
I know that watching Indian cricket team struggle against england on a crt isn’t what one would call thrilling when you’re in the city which isn’t famous for good reasons. For Ratlam, Freeganj is all i will have as memory.
Lazy yet tiring, that’s how I’d remember this trip as.
My body is sore and yet another week full of work awaits tomorrow…

Nursery student raped in Lucknow school

Nursery student raped in Lucknow school after lured by staffer with toffees

Disgusted by such rape incidents happening around, its pitiful that number of cases are going up every day. It is indeed astonishing that after so much action from the government, cops,mob protests, still the culprits have the guts to do such horrifying acts and to such an extent that they don’t even spare the minors. All this and our constitutional system is the only weakling i see. Laws need to be revised and should be made far more aggressive than any other crime.
I feel shameful to be a part of the biggest democracy, a country with highest number of educated youth, all of us are nothing but spectators to such a cheap crime.

Bottom line- this movie is actually shit!
I would rate this as a once in a century, ‘generation spoiling, culture killing and overtly cheap film making’.
To our generation getting inspired from the bollywood, who rate these young newcomers as role models or so called representatives of our time, such movies will have hazardous consequences on the upcoming society!
To start with the title, its an extremely unjust title as there’s nothing ‘shudh’ or ‘desi’ or ‘romantic’ about this movie.
This is nothing but a mockery of the highly rated yrf banner and the legendary late yash chopra.
The movie is full of ambiguity and confusion our generation faces in dealing with live-in and marriage.. And the confusion among te characters doesn’t get resolved during these three hours and eventually gets transferred from the movie to the theatre to the victims who spent their money for such an immature cheap stuff.
Despite of movie being full of sexuality and stupid flings it still doesn’t make your 250rs ticket worthwhile and in the end you leave the theatre with a sense of anger and despair over the narrator, story writer and screenplayer!
I hope I never get to see such a movie again, not even if someone pays me to watch it.


The day you stop learning is the day you actually stop living.
Short life, loads to be done, and a million terra bytes to be learnt.
Be it anything in life, you can either get joy out of it or lessons. Today was kind of day which gave me a sense of satisfaction is a day well spent, at the night facing the mirror, shoulders going broad and i start feeling proud of what i did is something what I actually live for.
No money no fame power can actually be so fulfilling.
Thank you god.